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What we do

Our group is interested in developing bioinformatics technologies and practicing evidence-based medicine.
We utilize high-throughput sequencing technologies, together with machine learning and AI, to understand how genetic information is encoded in the structured DNA and RNA sequences, and how they interact and regulate each other in a biological system. Ultimately, this will help us understand and cure human diseases, know and improve ourselves.



  • RNA Biomarker
  • RNA Structure
  • RNA-Protein Interaction


  • Precision Medicine
  • Post-transcriptional Regulation
  • Artificial Intelligence

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Our Publications

We publish research papers and software in bioinformatics and genomics.





Our Team

We are group of people dedicated to the research of bioinformatics @ Tsinghua University.

Zhi John Lu

Group Leader

Zhi John Lu

Zhi John Lu
Group Leader
MOE Key Lab of Bioinformatics
School of Life Sciences
Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
Tel./TAX: +86-10-62789217
E-mail: lulab1 AT tsinghua.edu.cn

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Group Members

@ Lu Lab

We are group of people dedicated to the research of bioinformatics, genomics and systems biology.

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Rm 2-108, 2-110, 2-111, Biotech. Building, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
清华大学生物技术馆 2-108,2-110,2-111

Lab Location

Biotech. Building, Tsinghua University
清华大学生物技术馆 2-108,2-110,2-111