Research of Lu Lab @ Tsinghua University

We are interested in Bioinformatics research on Precision Medicine and RNA Biology.

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We are interested in understanding how information is encoded in the structured DNA and RNA sequences,
and how they regulate one another in a biological system.
Ultimately, it will help us to understand and cure human diseases.

Precision Medicine & Cancer Genomics
Early diagnosis, prognosis of cancers by genomics data and bioinformatics analysis. We are developing computational methods (e.g. machine learning methods) to integrate big data related to precision medicine.

RNA-Protein Interaction & Regulation Network
Post-transcriptional regulation plays essential role in basic biological processes. Most post-transcriptional regulation events are regulated by RNA's structure and its binding proteins. RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) bind to double or single stranded RNA and participate in forming ribonucleoprotein complexes.

RNA Secondary Structure
RNA often forms complicated base-pairing interactions due to its increased ability to form hydrogen bonds stemming from the extra hydroxyl group in the ribose sugar.