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Bioinformatics for noncoding RNA

What we do

Our group is interested in developing bioinformatics technologies, and practicing evidence-based precision medicine for diseases like cancer and immune-mediated diseases. We utilize machine learning and AI technologies, together with noncoding RNA (ncRNA) centered multi-omics data, to understand how genetic information is encoded in the structured DNA and RNA sequences, and how they interact and regulate each other in a biological system. Ultimately, this will help us understand and cure human diseases, know and improve ourselves.

“上工治未病”,我们的一个重要使命,是帮助人们更早期的发现癌症。 我们相信,这种使命感以及为此付出的实践和努力,将帮助我们理解和治疗人类疾病,并最终认识和提高我们自己。

We have two major research directions based on noncoding RNA (ncRNA):
I. Bioinfo-driven Precision Medicine; II. AI-driven RNA Modeling.



  • Precision Medicine
  • * Noncoding RNA in immune system
  • * Cell-free RNA in cancer
  • * Multi-modal data integration


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • * RNA structure model for enzyme/vaccine design
  • * RNA-RNA model for target prediction
  • * RNA-drug model for drug design

Who we are

Lu Lab Members

We are group of people dedicated to the research of bioinformatics.
We have been committed to bioinformatics research of noncoding RNA for years. We published more than 70 relevant SCI articles (cited more than 20,000 times), including more than 30 corresponding author articles (4 ESI highly cited papers). Representative work is on the development of novel noncoding RNA identification method (Nucleic Acids Res. 2015a*; 2015b*; 2016*; 2017a*; 2017b*; 2017c*+; 2018*; 2019*+; 2022*; 2024*; Genome Biology 2017*; Briefings in Bioinformatics 2019*+, PNAS 2020*+), and its application in cancer research and clinical diagnosis and treatment (Nature Commn.2017*, Cell Res. 2020*+, e-Life 2022*+, eBioMedicine 2023*+, Cell Rep. Med. 2023*) (* Last, *+: joint correspondence).

清华大学鲁志实验室一直致力于和非编码RNA相关的生物信息学研究, 发表相关 SCI文章70余篇(引用次数超过2万次),其中通讯作者文章30余篇(ESI高被引论文4篇)。 代表性工作是关于新型非编码RNA鉴定方法的开发 (Nucleic Acids Res. 2015a*;2015b*;2016*; 2017a*; 2017b*; 2017c*+; 2018*; 2019*+; 2022*; 2024*; Genome Biology 2017*; Briefings in Bioinformatics 2019*+, PNAS 2020*+) 及其在癌症研究和临床诊疗上的交叉合作与应用 (Nature Commn.2017*, Cell Res. 2020*+, e-Life 2022*+,eBioMedicine 2023*+ ,Cell Rep. Med. 2023*) (*最后,*+:共同通讯文章)。

Group Members @ Lu Lab

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